Batik in Terengganu Malaysia

Terengganu Batik – Best Shops to Buy Batik in Terengganu

Also known as a Jewel crown of Malaysia, Terengganu is the known for its rustic charm and Malay’s culture, which is very much alive. It is situated in the north-eastern Malaysian peninsula. Terengganu is an extensive state with a total area of 12,955 km2 and is a home to several well-known islands like Pulau Redang, Kapas and Perhentian. The state capital of Terengganu is Kuala, also one of Malaysia’s largest towns known with a population of 250,939.

Terengganu is soon anticipated to become a huge trade center between China, India and Southeast Asia. For this reason, you will find too many different areas filled with stalls and shops, stocked up with a variety of goods. For this reason, Terengganu is also very popular for its night markets, handicrafts centers and weekend markets, which are also prime tourist attractions in Terengganu. Many tourists seek to buy batik in Terengganu, which is the specialty popular stuff widely sold here.

Where to Buy Batik in Terengganu?

You will find Batik in almost every village or town around here. However, Batik, a Malaysian traditional dress wrap is the most sold item here apart from baskets, mats, silk and keris. At the same time, Terengganu is also famous for being a house to the most bargainers and craft lovers. Some of the best shops to buy batik in Terengganu are:

Batik Shop

Batik Shop is one of the most popular shops to buy Batik in Terengganu to get to which you have to travel to, Seberang Takir, a fishing village across the Kuala Terengganu, by a jetty or a boat. The reason why this Batik shop is too popular is because of the high quality since it is purely handmade, and the economical price at which it is sold. This batik is a source of living for the 50 families living on this small village Seberang Takir.

Thursday and Friday Weekend Markets

Kuala Terengganu is most popular for its weekend markets that are typically known as Kuala Terengganu and Kuala Dungun. Visitors never miss a chance to hop in the markets and bargain for their desired goodies. Batik here is the most sold traditional wrap. These markets also sell a variety of fresh seafood and local handicrafts, thus is a source of an insight of traditional art of crafting of mats and baskets by local craftsmen and craftswomen.

Batik Specialist Shops

Kuala Terengganu is known for its shopping places and here you will find a number of well-known or designer outlets for buying Batik. Some of them are Atikah Songket, Myriam atelier, etc. you are sure to lay hands on finest qualities of Batik and Songket in one of these shops.

Pasar Payang Shopping Spot

This is not only a well-known shopping spot but also the most visited tourist spot in Kuala Terengganu. Located alongside the Terengganu River, Pasar Payang is nothing like a typical Bazaar, but on the contrary is a complete contemporary style shopping arcade with a car parking facility. This is a massive market where you will find just anything you might need, from the traditional Batik and Songket to brassware and handicrafts apart from its local delicacy Keropok and other fresh produce.

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Kraftangan Malaysian Shop

This is the most popular center for handicrafts, located in Kuala Terengganu. Here you will find a good collection of Batik and Songket along with other must-have goods and souvenir items.

Sutera Semai Silk Center

This is the only silk weaving center located about 5 minutes form Kuala Terengganu. This not only popular for having the best quality Batik, but also a great source of acknowledging an art of silk manufacturing, printing and weaving of textiles.

So, during your tour, you can easily find batik in Terengganu from the above the discussed shops. Whichever shop comes in your way from them, just go there and buy it. We have tried to make your shopping a bit hassle-free. To recommend a batik shop in Terengganu, please add comments below.