Kenyir Lake Terengganu Malaysia

Kenyir Lake Terengganu – An Ideal Tourist Spot to Explore

Kenyir Lake is one of the popular tourist attractions in Terengganu that is cherished by all who come to Terengganu state for either a vacation or for a small family holiday. It is also very popular among its visitors for being the biggest man-made lake in the state that was built from 1978 – 1985.

The primary aim was to draw water to the dam so as to generate the electricity and to control the yearly flooding. Kenyir is an extensive lake spread over 200,000 hectares of area with small 340 islands with waterfalls, rapids and caves. Enriched with wildlife and lush green forests is paradise on earth.

Kenyir Lake Terengganu

There is a lot more to know about Kenyir Lake Terengganu. Therefore, we have discussed in detail about each and everything below, after a thorough research:


There are a number of things you can do in Terengganu, once you reach Kenyir Lake. You can take a tour of the famous waterfalls that are Lasir, Soak, Tembat, Petuang and Lata Terap. People usually prefer Lasir and Soak, because they are found near to Pengkalan Gawi, which is a small village.

Both waterfall are amazingly beautiful and also has an area, where you can swim too. You can walk up on a trail going up from the Lasir waterfall and can have a breathtaking view of Lake Kenyir.

Also, you can explore the Bewah and Taat caves. Taat is found underwater and is not easily accessible in rainy season, as the water level gets high. However, you can easily visit Bewah, where you shall find Tiger spiders having a crown similar to a diamond.

You shall enjoy the great views while you explore this place simply take a tour around on the boat. You shall come across rate species, found on the trees and on the river bank side.

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Apart from everything, it is an ideal place for anglers. Every year a large number of people come here to catch species like Kelah, Kawan, Lampam Sungei, Kalui, Toman and Kelisa. Also, many fishing events are held here. The best time for fishing here is the monsoon season, which is from October to March. If you plan for a fishing trip here, it will cost you around RM50.

Kenyir Lake Terengganu itself has 300+ fishes and other species and therefore, it is an ideal place considered for fishing across Malaysia. However, the most optimum fishing spots here are Cacing, Sg.Terenggan, Leban, Petuang and Soak. You need to get permits for fishing, which is sold at the park entrance, but if you are booking this tour, then your organizer will arrange them.

Accommodation around Kenyir Lake

There are also accommodation options available in the form of lodges and resorts on this lake. You shall find Lake Kenyir Resort, renowned for being the biggest, having 135 chalets. You shall also find a number of lodges, which are Petang Island Resort, Kenyir Sanctuary Resort, Lake Land Resort, Uncle John Resort, Musang Kenyir Resort, Tanjong Mentong Resort, Federal Government Resort and the Kelah Rakit Resort.

How to Reach Kenyir Lake?

This lake also borders the most popular Taman Negara National Park, but traveling to Taman Negara from Kenyir Lake or vice versa is very difficult since its journey can take up to several days. Located about 65 km from state capital Kuala Terengganu, it is one hour drive from the Terengganu airport. The taxis are always ready and on the go outside the Sultan Mahmud Airport that directly drive you to the Lake, but in case you have booking at the resort, then they arrange their own pick up if its included in your package.

However, Kenyir Lake Terengganu can be reached by all means, be it through air, by a rental car or by a bus.

By Flight:

The three airlines that serve Malaysian traveling by air are the Air Asia, Firefly and Malaysia Airlines, all three fancies a daily flight from Kuala Lampur to Terengganu. The one way ticket costs RM50 to RM90 for one person. However, airlines often entertain promotions on special occasions in which the tickets fall reasonable.

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Rent a Car:

By road, when you have rented a car, the journey to Lake Kenyir takes up to 6-7 hours from Kuala Lumpur. Since the road is as long as 500km. The most popular car rental companies in Kuala Lumpur are Hawk Malaysia, they also offer a pick up and provides car at very reasonable fares. The normal rent of a car is RM100 for one day. Hawk Malaysia car rentals is also a first choice for tourists who prefer traveling to Kenyir form Kuala Lumpur by road.

By Bus:

Kuala Lumpur also has expresses buses that transport the visitors to Kuala Terengganu on a daily basis. The popular bus station in Kuala Lumpur is the Hentian Putra bus station where two buses leave daily for Kuala Terengganu. And on your way back from Kenyir to Kuala Lumpur, the Gawi point in Lake Kenyir sends a bus daily to Kuala Lampur, this round trip can take up to 12 hours. The bus fare for the trip is RM44.10 per person for one side.

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