Masjid Kristal Terengganu Malaysia

Take a Virtual Tour of Masjid Kristal Terengganu in Malaysia

Terengganu is the Jewel crown of Malaysia. This popular tourist destination is fashioned along the South China Sea in the Western Peninsula and is a home to some worthwhile Towns and islands. These islands are a pride of State Terengganu and are very popular for their water sport, beautiful, clean, sandy beaches and palm trees.

Apart from many tourist attraction sites, State Terengganu is also very popular for its monumental figurines and holy places. One of them is the famous Crystal Mosque, also known as the Masjid Kristal Terengganu.

Detailed Overview of Masjid Kristal Terengganu

Masjid Kristal Terengganu is situated in a man-made Island known as Pulau Wan man. Within this man-made Island there is an Islamic heritage Park is known as Taman Tamadun Islam within the premises of which this beautiful masjid Kristal can be found.


Taman Tamadun Islam was constructed back in 2006 and completed in 2008 and after its official opening by the Sultan of Terengganu, that is Sultan Meezan Zainul Abideen, it has become one of the major tourist attractions of State Terengganu.


Once you have arrived on Pulau Wan man, you wouldn’t need to look for the famous mosque, its crystal like appearance and shining, gleaming Dome makes it pretty much blatant, hence it can be spotted easily even from far.

Moreover, with all the unique blend of the Islamic and Chinese architecture, this mosque is equipped with a Built-in IT infrastructure with all the latest facilities like Wi-Fi. So the People can access to electronic Quran, the intelligent mosque has all the facilities for the visitors to avail.

Construction and Interior

Masjid Kristal Terengganu is not only popular in Malaysia or Terengganu, but it is considered as the most beautiful mosque in the entire world. Its unbelievably stunning architecture, which is made up of merely glass and steel gives the mosque a breathtaking crystal appearance. Inspired by Gothic and Moorish elements, this mosque is constructed is the most contemporary style that makes this mosque one of its kind holy worship place unlike any other typical mosque.

There are praises of a large exquisite Chandelier made up of crystal that is hanging in the middle of the main prayer hall. While the beauty of this crystal chandelier has people talking of its magnificence, when lit up at night has a different dimension of grace and striking splendor.

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During the day, the mosque’s crystal like appearance and the gleaming Dome looks beautiful, but when the evening falls and darkness spreads its wings over the island, the mosque seems to come alive when the lights are lit. The display of numerous lights makes the color of Domes look completely different but still beams. The dome and the turrets reflect a blend of Pink, blue and yellow colors – a sight that is a worth watch.

Tourists from different parts of the world, belonging to different religion and culture, visit this mosque and they are leave mesmerized with its breath-taking beauty and design. It is truly a piece of art and a high-end mosque built for the Muslims to pray in the serene and astounding space in peace.

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