sekayu waterfall terengganu

Witness the Beauty of Sekayu Waterfall Terengganu

State Terengganu is a pride of the country situated in West peninsula, and the most popular tourist destination in Malaysia. Terengganu is known for its beautiful Islands enriched with natural beauty and some major cities like Kuala Terengganu, Kuala Berang and Kuala Besut etc. Tourists come here for relaxation purposes, mainly apart from satiating the senses with the beauty of sandy beaches, clear waters and swaying palms. Picnic and water sport is the major amusement at the beaches of Terengganu.

The Beautiful Sekayu Waterfall Terengganu

Apart from shopping and some major tourist attraction spots in Terengganu, tourists visit Kuala Berang for its beautiful waterfall. One of the renowned, beautiful and serene waterfalls is Sekayu Waterfall Terengganu.

Overview of Sekayu Waterfall 

Sekayu Waterfall Park can be accessed through the main road along Kuala Berang. This waterfall is a great tourist spot for its soothing natural environment that tourist finds fit for a picnic or relaxing purposes.


This waterfall is found within the Sekayu Recreational Forest in Kuala Berang. Though it was officially made accessible to visitors in 1985, but it was established in the year 1974.

The area of this waterfall is surrounded by lush rainforests and some cozy villas or cabins constructed about. While the entry to the waterfall area is completely free of charge, staying overnight in the chalets can cost as much as RM60 per night. The place, however, natural and wild, is completely safe for kids who are even as young as 3 years old. Nonetheless, since it’s a waterfall, parents are advised to monitor their children’s whereabouts while in the premises.

Sekayu Waterfall Park is crowded with people, mainly locals on public holidays, so it is advised not to visit in one of those days since you won’t be able to relax and enjoy while there is a too much crowd.

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Attractions and Activities

This park is nicely maintained and kept clean, making it a pleasant park to visit. You will find many other man-made attractions in the park. For instance, the mini museum, which displays many traditional crafts. The Water Carriers made of palm leaves are also a great amusement for the visitors.

There is a fish pond, which is full of life. The old and rustic bridge looks just great. The blooming flowers and the variety of plants in the herb garden is enriched by nature. Nonetheless, the waterfall and the river itself is the major attraction entity in the entire park. You will be surprised to see that, unusually, the river banks are not littered.

The man made huts are also in a way better condition. This Waterfall Park is one worth visiting tourist site that is suitable for children and adults and is even more fun when you have a family to come along with.

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There are a number of choices offered to people. They can roam around the fruit orchard and get to know about different birds in the bird park. Also, there is a refreshing and beautiful flower garden. Apart from many other activities and waterfall, you can spend your time exploring the mini zoo, which is also another center of attraction, especially for kids there.

There are no restaurants and cafes here, so you have to ensure you bring enough food and snacks for the time you spend here. People regularly visit this place on weekends as well as on their holidays, as Sekayu Waterfall and Park are easily accessible to them. Also, people enjoy doing camping here with their friends and family. This place has gained popularity and is among the agro-tourism destinations of the respective state.

All in all, it is the best place to visit, in order to have a smoothing and relaxing effect on the mind and soul. The views refresh one’s mind and develop a love for nature, which you might have never explored inside yourself. It is a place to be with friends, family, better half or alone.