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Shahbandar Jetty Terengganu – Gateway to Nearby Islands

The beautiful Islands are one of the major reasons why Terengganu is a most popular tourist destination in Malaysia. Tourists come head to Terengganu to relax in the sandy, clean beaches, enjoy the swaying palms in the pleasant weather and excite themselves with the water sports in clear visible waters of the South China Sea that cover the Southern coast on Terengganu situated in peninsular Malaysia. There are many things to do in Terengganu for tourists & among various Islands they visit, Pulau Kapas, Perhentian & Redang Island are the most visited one.

Considered to be a Malaysian Paradise Island, Pulau Redang has become a popular island to visit due to the increasing number of tourists for past some years. Pulau Redang is easily accessible by means of water, through ferries, boat or jetty. There are two jetty terminals in Terengganu which can take visitors to nearby islands. One terminal is Shahbandar Jetty and another is Merang Jetty.

Shahbandar Jetty Kuala Terengganu

However, Shahbandar Jetty is the most popular jetty used by visitors to get to Pulau Redang. This jetty can be found right opposite to the tourist information center in Kuala Terengganu at the river side, where you will also find Bukit Puteri. You will have to walk a little to get to the jetty north of China town also known as Kuala Cina- one of the major towns of Terengganu. The sea alongside the boardwalk makes this stroll an interesting one.

Once you have reached the Shahbandar Jetty, you will find a number of public and private ferries ready to depart for Redang. While a Jetty may cost you RM5, a public ferry cost RM50 for adults and RM25 for children, for one way.

It takes about 1 hour and 15 minutes to reach Redang Island from Shahbandar Jetty. You may also see some booths at this jetty that belong to some different resorts on Redang Island. These provide ferry services to those who have booked their stay in the respective resorts and might have bought an additional transport package with them.

For instance, Berjaya Redang Beach Resort have their booths that provide services to both who might have opted for additional package and those without package might as well travel in their private boats but in that case they will have to pay an extra amount of RM100. These jetties depart at different times of the day, starting from 9am to 10:30 am and then at 3pm. These timings are subject to change depending upon the weather conditions and tides in the sea.

In case you wish to come back on the same jetty, you might have to pay RM 100. Mostly people buy a package from the resort they have booked to stay in while on Redang Island. Since this is the most convenient way to travel from Terengganu to Redang Island, without having to face the hassle of buying tickets separately. However, there are travel agents available that will help you sort out your traveling plans.

Another way to reach Redang & nearby islands from Terengganu is to make use of Merang Jetty. These jetty terminals are the only way to commute to nearby islands as there is no road connectivity. If you have used the facilities of Shahbandar jetty and would like to share your experience with the community, please do so by adding comments below.

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