Kuala Terengganu Airport in Malaysia

Sultan Mahmud Airport – Only Kuala Terengganu Airport in State

Terengganu is a state in Malaysia, famous for being home of some of the beautiful islands, including Redang Island, Perhentian Island & others. There are plenty of things to do in Terengganu for tourists, from scuba diving to snorkeling or buying Batik and local products.

Named after the 16th Sultan of Terengganu, who rule from the year 1978 to 1998, Kuala Terengganu Airport, renowned as Sultan Mahmud Airport although located in Telaga Batin, serves the state capital of Terengganu, about 10 km from the town center. This airport has the international effigies, even though it mainly serves domestic flights.

Publicly, Kuala Terengganu Airport is owned by the government of Malaysia and operated by Berhad Malaysia airports. As per the year report for 2014, 842651 passengers passed through the airport and there were 14,057 aircraft movements. This was the highest rate recorded in the year 2014, since 2003.

Kuala Terengganu Airport

Read on to know more about the Sultan Mahmud Airport, functioning in the state of Terengganu:


The bright red roof and the beautiful lush green gardens look perfect with the blend of cream colored stone work all around, Sultan Mahmud Airport is unlike any other airport, but it is much more attractive than any of the typical airport, which is standing on glass and steel structures. However, its terminal was designed to handle approximately 2 million passengers each year.

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Unusually, there is a beautiful pond in the lobby with a water fountain feature. There is a sitting lounge where you can sit and observe the motion on the runway while waiting for your plane after you have done eating in the restaurant at the airport. So, on the Sultan Mahmud Airport you shall find everything you need from toilets to the information desk and telephones, etc.


The Malaysia Airlines take you directly to Kuala Lumpur and Singapore and also entertains indirect flights to Madina and Jeddah in Saudi Arabia in the annual month of HAJJ. Firefly Airlines and Air Asia, both, takes you to Kuala Lumpur directly.

To and From

There are many cabs and Taxis standing along the sides of the roads outside the Kuala Terengganu airport. These cabs know the arrival times so they are ready at all times and on the go. All these Taxis are in the same color, but the drivers wear a very decent and smart uniform. From the Airport to Kuala Terengganu, it takes about 20 minutes to reach through a taxi. The taxis may charge for around RM25 for getting you to Kuala Terengganu. You can also get to Merang Jetty & Shahbandar Jetty from the airport, which are the main departure points for tourists visiting nearby islands.

To rent a car you must inquire at the airport for its availability or at Pink Anchorage in the town, but these days travelers use the online facility of renting a car or booking a ticket. Terengganu has one of the best roads in the entire Malaysia, so travelers often rent cars to enjoy the journey to the fullest.

The humor behind the name of the airport is worth mentioning, the name of the Sultan of Terengganu after which the airport was named was basically “Almarhum Sultan Mamud Al-Muktafee Bellay Sha Ibni Almarhom Sultan Ismael Naseeruddin Shaah”. So in case you don’t find the name of the airport too appealing, be grateful it doesn’t have to be called all original names of the King.

We hope that the above details about the Sultan Mahmud airport would have added on to your knowledge. Plus you should have been relaxed by now that reaching there or traveling from there to a particular destination might not be that difficult.

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